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Food trucks and other mobile food vendors! Please join us for our 3rd annual Food Truck Festival. We are recruiting food trucks from near and far. Bring on the trucks! We are looking for trucks that will feature signature dishes from a variety of cooking styles and flavors to come together for this charity event to benefit Pensacola Habitat for Humanity. The event is free and open to the general public, although some VIP entrance and seating packages will be available for donors and sponsors. The festival will feature an eclectic mix of food truck signature dishes, live music, and a Hot Wheels Food Truck Tasting Competition.


“Pensacola Hot Wheels Festival is an amazing event that’s for a great cause! Prep heavy, make sure you have plenty of help and get ready to serve a nonstop line of foodies. There’s atmosphere, entertainment, food competitions, and much more! The event grows larger every year. It’s a great feeling to see the love and support of your community! It’s an event that makes you proud to be a part of!”
-George Makris, Hip Pocket Deli

“The Hot Wheels Food Truck Rally was one of the most professional, organized and laid back events we were apart of in 2017… Looking forward to many more years.”
-Mike Windhorst, Lone Star Kitchens 2 Go

“The Hot Wheels Food Truck Festival,  hosted by Habitat, is by far the best one-day event of the year. The organization, as well as the marketing and support, are top notch. You quickly learn that over preparing for this event is necessary due to the phenomenal crowds. Not only do the food trucks max out, but the overall experience with Habitat is a pleasant one. Habitat provides excellent communication throughout, plenty of staffing, fairness in fees, and a family-oriented environment that is beneficial to all. We love our local Habitat!”
-Shawn Goad, Barbasian

Successful food truck applicants will:

  • Be provided a prime location on or adjacent to the festival grounds located on Escambia Bay off Palafox Street, in downtown Pensacola Florida
  • Be provided the opportunity to promote your truck through print materials, media releases, posters, banners, social and electronic media
  • Enjoy seven hours of sales opportunity to food truck enthusiasts in attendance
  • Submit a signature dish entry in the Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Hot Wheels Food Truck Competition with potential for Pensacola Hot Wheels Food Truck Festival awards and recognition
  • Receive event t-shirts for you and your crew.

How to apply to become a Pensacola Hot Wheels Food Truck:

The total cost for food truck vendors is $200. Complete and submit the Pensacola Hot Wheels Food Truck Vendor application below. Along with your application, a non-refundable application fee of $50 will be required to register. After your application is accepted, the application fee will become your deposit. If your application is rejected, you will be refunded. The remaining balance of $150 will be due on or before April 7th, 2018. In addition to this fee, trucks will be required to contribute samples of a signature dish for the Pensacola Hot Wheels Tasting Competition, to be judged by VIP attendees.


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Health and Fire Safety

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By submitting, the applicant agrees that all information provided in this application and submitted to the Pensacola Hot Wheels Food Truck Festival is true and that you have reviewed the event information listed on our website. By submitting this application, you are hereby requesting a location/spot at the Pensacola Hot Wheels Food Truck Festival and if accepted as a vendor for the event to take place on April 21nd, 2018 a rental contract outlining the terms/conditions, the amount due along with a list of other required documents will be sent with pertinent event information. Be advised that rental applications may be kept on file for up to 3 years.

(Submission may take several minutes depending on photo sizes)